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Debbie made me feel so relaxed and comfortable throughout my session. I could trust her completely and found the regression deeply moving. I would have no hesitation recommending her to any one interested in hypnosis or past life regression.





Past Life Regression


Who were You in a past life....?
Ever have that deja-vu feeling for people or places?

Through Past Life Regression I can help you explore your past … your journey as a Soul through different incarnations.

Past Life Regressions are wonderful gifts to be able to give ourselves. By accessing the deeper memories held within our souls, so much more understanding and perspective of the world around us - and our lives - is gained; a bigger picture is seen as we uncover more of the jigsaw pieces. Through these wonderful windows we can understand more clearly ourselves and our present life path.


Regression therapy creates a peace and clarity and a deeper wisdom within us, it allows that letting go and relaxation - life is wonderful and perfect just as it is. By knowing and accepting ourselves more fully and completely as spiritual beings, we come back into balance, into the Now, we learn self-love and acceptance and through that more compassion, and the 'joy of being.' In regression sessions we can often integrate past wisdom, resolve any current issues, and look at choices you made in a past life which might be pertinent to the choices you have made in your current life.


We can do any of the following and more . . .


  • find a past life to explore, for your highest and greatest good
  • explore the past life root of any current life physical/emotional illnesses, traumas or phobias
  • understand and resolve any current life relationships and challenges
  • see how the past can have influence over current life patterns and events
  • eliminate or reduce any fears around dying
  • identify a life you may have lived in any particular country, place or time period that you feel drawn to
  • uncover any past life talents and skills
  • find someone from your current life that you feel you have known previously
  • gain a more spiritual perspective and purpose, to your current life path and choices

Sessions cost £50 per hour, after 6pm and weekend charges £70 per hour

Most Past Life Regression sessions will last 2-3hrs 



explore - discover - understand