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Paul Cooper


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Debbie’s lovely, soft ways and reassuring manner make you feel really safe, which makes going under hypnosis much less scary if you’ve never been hypnotised before.










Hypnotherapy is a beautiful treatment, and one in which the client is always fully in control. It is a relaxing way to bring positive elements and thoughts back into the mind, eliminating more negative belief patterns. A Hypnotherapy session is akin to bringing the Love from the Heart right back into the mind - enabling us to make changes for the better within our lives. A cd recording of each session will be given to you, to use for your reinforcement of all the positive suggestions given.


Hypnotherapy can be used for a wide variety of issues both emotional and physical, and can help you to reach certain goals in your life:


  • confidence building
  • stress reduction and relaxation
  • sleeping difficulties
  • habit reduction such as stopping smoking or nail biting
  • weight reduction
  • help with exams, interviews or presentations
  • sporting enhancement
  • simple phobias such as fear of flying or spiders
  • healing and pain management


Hypnotherapy sessions cost £50 for an approximate 1 hour session, this includes a CD recording

After 6pm and weekend charges: £70

Where would you really like to be in life? What sort of person would you like to be? Try a course of hypnotherapy sessions and see that there is really nothing to hold you back from becoming all that you wish to be….


Make a change for the better . . .