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Debbie made me feel so relaxed and comfortable throughout my session. I could trust her completely and found the regression deeply moving. I would have no hesitation recommending her to any one interested in hypnosis or past life regression.





Future Life Progression



Future Life Progression (FLP) is a moving and life changing experience.


Brought into the public eye by Dr Bruce Goldberg and later by psychic Anne Jirsch and developed from the extraordinary experiences of many people who have undergone Past Life Regression to heal past traumas and resolve karmic issues, Future Life Progression is a powerful interactive experience that moves beyond the blocks that have held us back and enables us to glimpse possible futures, based on our current situations, both in this life and beyond. The insight and understanding gleaned helps us to make better informed decisions in the now so that we can continue to live the rest of our life in a more purposeful and fulfilling way.


So many people nowadays are feeling that they have reached a crossroads in their lives, or have a life-changing decision they want to make, or feel stuck in certain areas. FLP can help with many aspects of our current situations from financial issues to health problems, relationship difficulties to career choices, and other limitations that stop us living to the very best of our potentials. FLP helps us to follow our true path and live the life we were meant to live, i.e. the life of our dreams.


By looking forward in our current lives we can use FLP to:

Improve our health and lifestyle choices

Make better lifework and career decisions

See where our spiritual development is taking us

See how relationships unfold

Find the perfect place to live

Have a glimpse of what the world will look like in the future


By looking beyond our current incarnation and into a possible future life we can use FLP to:

Connect with the wisdom of our future selves

Recognise patterns and development between this life and the next

Receive advice and guidance, and ask any questions

Identify any friends and family from our current lives

Connect with future talents and skills

FLP is an exciting concept and one which has been developed further. FLP uses hypnosis and visualisation to guide the process and take us to a new level of awareness and understanding. It is an empowering process that awakens our unconscious mind and helps us to uncover our innate natural resources, abilities and creativity for optimal potential.

An FLP experience is based on our existing situations now, and shows us possibilities based on our current level of understanding and development.


Price: £50 per hour, after 6pm and weekend charges £70 per hour


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