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I’ve had several readings from Paul over the last 3 years and I’m always amazed at how intuitive the cards are, without Paul asking me any questions





Tarot Readings


Reading tarot cards is something I really love doing, each time I connect through the cards for a reading the experience is unique, fascinating and rewarding for both the client and myself.


Everyone is inquisitive and wants to know what the future holds. Having a reading is a bit like using a satnav – both the hazards and the beauty spots are identified, then it’s the choice of the individual to avoid the road blocks and choose the more scenic route.


The cards only give guidance – no one can guarantee a reading will be good or bad – the cards pick up on each person’s life situation. People already know all their answers deep inside, the cards put it into a format that is easy to relate to.


"I consider myself a storyteller….. the cards do all the work"  Paul


Please contact Paul Cooper on 07968 561779


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